Welcome! I’m Michelle

I support parents & educators in identifying, setting, and reaching their 

financial goals, including investing to make work optional!

Michelle and daughter
Michelle and daughter

From financial confusion
to financial intention

Everyone always has financial advice to give, like “using a budget”, but most people don’t really explain why. Here, my focus is on YOU.

Financial education applied to YOU

I’ll cover all sorts of financial information, and I will always come back to how it relates to you and your life. I want you to feel confident as you make your own financial decisions, so you can intentionally use money to create a life that you love. 

Awareness of systems and situations

I will NEVER shame you for your financial situation! I understand that there are several reasons why we’re in the financial situations that we are in (including systemic racism and other forms of oppression, schools that failed to give us financial education, not having any other options, having a bad relationship with money, and so many more). I don’t do shame and blame.

Personal support & accountability

I integrate 1:1 support into all my courses and programs, and I’m here to help you figure out where you do have power and what kinds of strategic changes you can make to reach your goals. 

Creating a Life that You LOVE
What my students are saying
"Usually I feel bored when I think about the nitty gritty of money and math, but because we are pairing empowering knowledge with specific goals in my life that actually do make me excited, (I can’t believe I am actually saying this) I am looking forward to digging in about the bolsa de valores." (stock market)
- Alicia S., Module 1, Level Up Your Finances
Are you ready to put your money to work, intentionally creating a life that you love?

There’s a lot of financial information out there, but often it’s prescriptive, telling you how to live your life while knowing nothing about you, your values, your goals, and your dreams. I want to help you understand those things about yourself, and then put your money to work in order to provide yourself with a fulfilling life, whatever that looks like for you. Get started with my free Money Strategy Assessment!

Are you ready to get started investing (or maybe you already are), but it's all so overwhelming and confusing and you're terrified you'll lose everything?