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We watch our kids work so hard to learn things, but we don’t always remember to have a growth mindset ourselves. If your ready to learn about investing, sign up for my free email course! http://www.intentionalmoneylife.com/invest

Remember MLMs are set up so those at the very top of the “triangle” can get rich at the expense of those at the bottom…. The structure is not meant to benefit anyone but those at the top (despite all their language about all you can do with them).

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Sometimes it takes a little effort up front to get the reward we’re seeking.

Investing is like that, because chances are no one has taught you about it, so to take advantage of it and benefit from compound growth over time, you’ll need to put time in up front educating yourself

If you are a good saver but are pretty clueless about investing (like I was), sign up for my FREE email course, Investing 101!! Even if you are already investing, chances are you haven’t yet learned these 10 critical investing lessons, and you need to!


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Are you ready to start investing (or maybe you already are), but it's all so overwhelming and confusing and you're terrified you'll lose everything?